Here at, there is help at hand, and we can show you what hairstyles you can wear when growing out your fabulous cut!

When growing out your hair, the first thing to remember is that looking after your hair is the most important step. Using a good quality shampoo and conditioner is key, followed by regular trims every 4-6 weeks. While it may seem odd to have regular trims when you’re trying to grow your hair out, the trims are essential for keeping your split ends under control. You certainly don’t want to find out that after growing your hair for 3 months without any trims that your spit ends are so bad you have to cut your hair short again just to get your hair looking healthy! So remember these simple tips and combine them with our hairstyle suggestions and you’ll be on your way to healthy looking long hair in no time!

The starting point for our short hairdo is this great style.

Short full and messy hairstyle

The sides and back have been angle cut close to the scalp, while the top has been razor cut short to form a full and messy style.

To get you to the next stage, try this short and sassy hairstyle.

Short thinned and textured hairstyle

This hairdo gets its great look from using the jagged cut method throughout the length and the razor cut method on the top and sides. This will ensure a thinned and textured style.

Once your hair has gained some length, this haircut is a great option.

Chin level bob haircut

The hair has grown to one length into a sassy chin level bob and the bangs still have a little while to go but have been utilized in the best way.

When you've gained some more length, give this style a try.

Short jagged layered haircut

Here we see that the bangs have been grown longer and soft jagged layers have been cut around the top and sides to give the style shape and flair.

This option is a longer version of the previous style and looks fabulous.

Jagged layered hairstyle

With this style, your hair will maintain its shape and flair while gaining more length.

Once you're length has reached shoulder level, this option is worth trying.

Shoulder length bob haircut

This style shows the layers and bangs have now grown out to one length, creating a shoulder length sassy bob.

This style is creative with a little flair and is the perfect look before the final stage.

Medium length razor haircut

The length has been cut to shoulder level and the very ends have been razor cut to achieve a feathery finish.

The final look!

Long hairstyle

If this is the finished style, the length has been successfully grown out, and in the meantime, your hair has been styled into some seriously funky 'dos!