The finish of your look doesn't just rely on where you place that last hair pin or how well you covered your locks in hairspray. The success of your look also has a lot to do with the first styling steps that you take to create your look. Get them wrong, and you could end up with a ruined 'do. Avoid such a fate by taking these tips on board.

Don't Let Your Hair Air-Dry

Model with an updo While air-drying your hair as often as possible is essential for the health of your strands, the only time to not allow your hair to air-dry is when you're trying to style your locks into a particular look.

If you want an upstyle, a straight look or even something with curls, allowing your hair to air-dry first can derail your finish. This happens because frizz or your own natural hair texture can take hold in air-dried hair, making it harder to then mould your locks into the look that you want. Ensure that you blow-dry your locks while they're still damp and you will find it easier to style your hair and to get the finish that you want.

Hair Product Errors

Model with curly hairApplying too much or not enough hair product is the quickest way to make or break your look.

If you don't have enough product then your look can frizz or fall down even before you step out the door. If you have too much product then you could end up with a greasy finish that weighs heavily on the style.

Avoid any problems by only using the products necessary to achieve the style you want, and applying them sparingly. If you need more product then you can always add it in, but trying to remove excessive product will ruin your style.