Getting a great look doesn’t need to take up half your morning or require a lot of elaborate styling. In fact, you can transform a down and loose look into a fantastic finish in just a few minutes with a set of heated hair rollers and these easy tips!

Quick Volume Hair Tips:

Model with volume-filled bob Start with dry hair, making sure that your roots in particular are nice and dry.

Apply a volumizing product directly into your roots. You can use a spray in product, or apply a liquid formulation.

Split your hair into sections and then use a blow-dryer and a round hair brush to style your hair smooth.

As you finish blow-drying each section of hair, add some lightweight hairspray and then wind a large heated roller through the top layers of your hair. For the best result, don’t overload the roller with too much hair.

Model with volume-filled bob Leave the rollers to cool in your hair for around 10 minutes. If your blow-dryer has a cool shot button, speed the setting process up by switching it on and then gently blowing the cool air over your rollers.

After your hair has been set, carefully remove the rollers and then use your fingers to comb your hair into place.

And there you have it! An easy loose look with a pinch of volume and flair. Just remember that the key to a great volume-filled hairstyle is to keep it modern by ensuring the lift is at the top of your head and not over your ears. Too much volume in that area and you’ll risk an 80’s looking finish.