Who says that casual hair can't be chic? Even if the only place you'll be rocking these hairstyles is in your own home, you can still look fabulous with just a few choice styling touches!

The Casual Chic Deep Side Hair Part

Model with long brown hairModel with long brown hair

The key to this easy look is the deep side hair part. Adding the part and allowing the front sections of your hair to side sweep across your face is what gives this look its chicness. It will suit any hair length and add a touch of glamour that isn't over the top. If your hair is long like our model, you can further enhance this look with some body through the ends thanks to some fancy work with your blow-dryer and a round hair brush.

The Casual Chic Half Up Half Down

Brunette model with half up hairBrunette model with half up hair

It doesn't get easier than a simple half up half down hairstyle. To re-create this look, pin the front sections of your hair back behind each ear. To keep this look casual, don't worry about getting your strands perfectly in place. The appeal of this look is that it's a little messy. It's also the perfect way to keep your hair out of your face while still looking stylish. Any hair texture will work for this look, but if you want something pretty, opt for soft waves like our model and side sweep any bangs.