If updos are looks that you like to wear regularly, or the type of 'do you'd like to incorporate into your hairstyle arsenal, then keep these two hair preparation tips in mind.


Model with an upstyleUpdos, especially elaborate ones, need grip and the right hair texture before you even begin styling, so remember these tips.

Go for day old hair. The golden rule of a successful updo is to never wash your hair the day you’re going to style it into an updo. Second day hair has the right amount of oils to allow your hair to be put into place, and to stay there. If you’re worried that your finished result will look oily then lightly shampoo your bangs and/or the strands around your face, but leave the rest of your hair alone so that it’s easy to work with.

Work hair styling products like mousse or gel through your hair with a comb before you begin styling. They will help to inject the right amount of grip and texture into your strands so that you can mould your hair into place. They will also stop any hair accessories from sliding out of your hair easily.

And that's all it takes to get your hair strands ready for an updo! Although simple, these hair tips will work to give your hair a great base and strong finish for any type of updo.

To find an updo to try with these hair prep tips, check out of range of hairstyles today and try on the virtual hairstyles using your own photo!