Step 1: Finding The Right Hairdresser

Personal recommendation is the key to finding the right hairdresser. If you've got family or friends with great hair, ask where they have their hair styled. Another way is to ask neighbors or look around your area. If you like the look of the salon, book in a consultation.

  • Having a haircut should not break the budget
  • The right hairdresser should always do a FREE consultation
  • Be strong about your ideas

Step 2: Communication

You and your hairdresser should always communicate and have an understanding of what is going to happen. If it is the first time that you have met with your stylist, try to book an appointment during a quieter time of the week, so the hairdresser is not rushed and can spend more time with you.

Step 3: What You Want

Describing to your hairdresser what you want is one thing, but having a picture or diagram is a much simpler way to have a haircut. If you don't have a picture, however, just be open-minded. Your stylist should consider your face shape, lifestyle and hair texture before giving you a cut.

Short Straight Light Brunette Hairstyle

Step 4: Sitting In The Chair

Now that you have had a consultation and agreed on a style with your hairdresser, your cut should be a fun, effortless experience.

Step 5: Buying Hairstyling Products

Always invest in good quality shampoo and conditioner that is a good match for your hair elasticity, texture and density. Try to avoid bad shampoo that is too harsh, and cheap conditioner is too greasy on the hair. Ask your stylist about products to take home.

Step 6: Regular Maintenance

Remember to visit your hairdresser at regular intervals, depending on the hair length and style of your haircut. even if you grow out you hair, you'll stilll need regular cuts to keep you hair looking tidy.