Combining hair colors is a great way to get an interesting new look, but sometimes the combinations used draw attention for the wrong reasons. Case in point, these hairstyles...

Blonde and Blue

Model with blue and blonde short hairBright hair colors are very on trend right now, but the key to this look is to choose a bright color that complements your base shade. The combination of blue and blonde here is just a little too out there. A dark blue like this would look perfect with a much darker, brunette hair color where it would contrast nicely instead of standing out so loudly.




Blonde and Brown

Alba Rohrwacher hairstylesWhile brown and blonde locks can work, teaming them in this combo, which sees one half of the hair as brunette and then the other half as blonde, just doesn't achieve a very flattering finish. Moving the colors so that the blonde is throughout the top layers and the brown is throughout the underneath sections only would give a much more winning look. As is, it just doesn't work.



Blonde and Red

Miranda Lambert hairstylesHere's another example of the color placement being the reason this look doesn't quite work. The red highlights splattered throughout the blonde sections drag down the base blonde color instead of enhancing it. A brighter red hair color would have also worked better and would have stopped the overall impression of the 'do looking so washed out.




Blonde and Black

Goapele Mohlabane hairstylesFor a blonde and black combination, it all depends on the shades. Imagine if the blonde hair color was more platinum than golden in this example. The platinum blonde would stand out and pop instead of looking dull and unflattering.





To see how you'd look with any of the hairstyles pictured in this article, click on the above images to try the virtual hairstyles with your own photo!