If you want to create a fresh option for your long locks then you don't have to just rely on some new hair styling or parting techniques. A new hair color can totally revitalize your long strands - as this before and after makeover shows...

Strawberry Blonde to Copper Titian Makeover for Long Hair

Model with long strawberry blonde hair While our model's long locks feature a nice and even strawberry blonde hair color, the overall look it portrays is a little bland. It also does nothing for her pale complexion, as seen in this before photo (right).

A great way to spice up her locks, but still achieve a flattering look, would be to stay true to the natural tones of her hair and go for a red hair color upgrade, which involves a more daring yet complimentary shade.

Model with long red hairModel with long red hair

This copper titian hair color is right on trend for where red hair colors are evolving to (more natural looking and less bright) and it really brings out the best in her complexion, not to mention revitalizes her long hair strands. Her length gives off a healthy glow, her hair shines and looks strong, and some nice highlights in her natural strawberry blonde peppered throughout her new darker locks keeps the look fresh and flattering.

To see how you'd look with this salon hairstyle, click on the above images to try the hairstyle with your own photo in our Virtual Hairstyler. Or to find your own new hairdo or hair color for a makeover, take a look at our range of hairstyles today!