Celebrity Beehive: Stana's Classic Finish
Stana Katic hairstylesStana Katic hairstyles

Stana Katic's version of the beehive has nailed the height of this retro style perfectly, but the frizzy finish has let it down. While it can be hard to get locks looking smooth again after teasing or backcombing, it is worth the effort of getting it right to get a better looking end result. The sweeping of her bangs and the extremely neat styling through the back of her beehive does win her back some points though.

Salon Beehive: Sleekness and Volume

Model with beehive upstyleModel with beehive upstyle

The styling for the salon version of this look is much more separate. The front sections are sleeker, with the beehive standing out thanks to the obvious change in hair texture. The beehive has been teased and backcombed into a mass of volume-filled hair, and in turn creates a much more modern version of this great look.

While we love both examples of this classic look, the salon finish is just that little bit more put together. The smooth front section uses the right balance of sleekness and volume to get the stands to lay flat without looking like they're stuck down, and the teasing in the beehive is sculpted and kept relatively frizz-free. While Stana's celebrity beehive has the retro, classic appeal going for it, the uneven shape and frizz stops it from being perfect.

What's your opinion? Do you agree that the salon beehive is the winner, or did Stana's celebrity version pull it off better? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.