At, we're into hair-I suppose you could say we're hair addicts. And what better place to check out great hair than this year's Grammy Awards ceremony, a night celebrating the past, present and up-and-coming of the music industry. There were old stars, new stars, stars-back-from-the-dead, and political stars (who would have thought Barack Obama would be a Grammy winner?). The controversy's great; I mean, Amy Winehouse cleaned up (winning five Grammys), but was denied a visa to enter the US to claim her awards! There are so many crazy things going on at the Grammys, and we take a peek at styles chosen by some stars on their special night of nights. I like to wonder, "What kind of style would I step out with on the red-carpet?" Check out our photos, have a read of our styling tips, and do what I do: think about your own style too. Remember, you can get more detail on the stars' hairdos (as well as a taste of what you can do with your own photo at with our Hairstyling Tool below.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift hairstylesThis stunning blonde looked great with her blonde locks. Her ends were sliced to lighten the length, and layers were added to the mid-lengths to balance out her waves and curls. Her side-swept bangs finished off her style and complimented her face shape perfectly.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus hairstylesMiley was tousled and dazzling on the red-carpet. The silky length of her hair was set off by shorter layers cut from under the crown and blended down to the tips. This style enhanced the wave-like movement of her total look.


Rihanna hairstylesShe's won two Grammys, and has a great new hairstyle that guests and fans love. What more could you want? The back and sides of her new hairdo were cropped short, but the top layers were textured for height and control. A perfect style for round faces, try it yourself with a little wax or molding gum.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian hairstylesWearing her hair out to show off her stunning length was a seductive look for Kim. Her ends and layers were sliced to achieve a soft finish all over. Her top layers added height to her style-and this is perfect for her face shape. This hairstyle works well on fine to medium hair types.


Fergie hairstylesFergie didn't snaffle a Grammy, but there was no stopping her bewitching the crowd with this chic look. Her hair flowed deliciously below her shoulders with medium to long layers cut into the back and sides. This stunning style is perfect for those with round or fuller faces.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood hairstylesThis blonde bombshell won a Grammy Award for her musical talents, but what about another award for this bold hairstyle? Her layers (cut through the back and sides) created body and volume, and her sexy bangs added an elegant touch over all. This gorgeous style is perfect for those with long face shapes.