Dita Von Teese's Classic Roll

Dita Von Teese hairstyles

Inspired by the 1940s, this sassy hairdo is easy to achieve with plenty of time to prepare and the right hair styling products.

Hairstyle Step #1: Apply a setting lotion and set your hair in rollers. You can choose whichever size roller you like based on how big or small you would like your rolls to be.

Hairstyle Step #2: Allow your hair to dry thoroughly and then remove the rollers.

Hairstyle Step #3: Tease your roots for height and control and use lacquer for a strong hold and finish.

Hairstyle Tip: This style will work well if you have shoulder length hair or longer.

Jennifer Lopez's Wicked Waves

Jennifer Lopez hairstyles

This Latina star has a natural beauty that most of us only dream of. Her hair always looks great and full of life, and with the following tips, you too can achieve this sexy 'do.

Hairstyle Step #1: Starting from the nape, blow-dry your hair in sections to smooth out your whole head.

Hairstyle Step # 2: Use a large curling iron and wrap the same large sections that you used for blow-drying to create a large loose wave. To re-create this look you only need to add waves to the mid-lengths and the ends of your hair.

Hairstyle Step #3: Use some wax to define your waves and spray with lacquer for maximum hold.

Hairstyle Tip: If you want a smaller curl, use a small curling iron.

Tyra Banks' Smooth and Sexy Style

 Tyra Banks' hairstyles

Tyra's smooth and sexy locks are a cinch to re-create with the right hair styling products and tools.

Hairstyle Step #1: Evenly distribute moisturizer and straightening balm through your hair and then blow-dry your hair in sections, starting at the nape.

Hairstyle Step #2: Part your hair to your desired side and then use a straightening iron to smooth out your hair in sections until all of your hair is straight and smooth.

Hairstyle Step #3: Use some wax and smoothing shine to tame any fly-away hair strands and to hold your style in place.

Hairstyle Tip: For extra volume and hold, spray a small amount of hairspray into your roots.

Fergie's Natural Kinks

Fergie's hairstyles

This hairstyle is a low maintenance look that is best suited for those with a naturally loose wave or a kink. Hair styling products are a must-have when it comes to achieving this look.

Hairstyle Step #1: Apply moisturizer and mousse evenly throughout your hair.

Hairstyle Step #2: Use a blow-dryer and a diffuser attachment on low speed to scrunch dry your hair until it is 80 percent dry.

Hairstyle Step #3: Scrunch gel through your hair for hold and to tame any fly-away hair strands.

Hairstyle Tip: This fuss-free natural look means that you can walk out the door without having to worry about pins or hair ties.