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Halle Berry and the James Bond Girls: A Hairstyle Debate

Bond Girls and Hair

Roger: So what are we discussing exactly?

Sue: We're not discussing how sexy Bond girls are.

Roger: I know, I know, we're...

Sue: We're discussing what makes a Bond girl tick- in other words, what's their...

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The Hairstyles That Stole the Show

I'm not just talking about noticing a character's style, like Gwyneth Paltrow's blonde bob in Sliding Doors. Watching that film, a thought (every now and then) like, "Yeah, that one definitely suits her better than the other" might have skirted...

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Amy Winehouse: Another Tormented Talent

Deep in the gut of Amy Winehouse, we think, is a brilliant musician and pints of talent. Lately, however, Amy's had some very saddening problems (all of which have been splashed over the media). She's got a history of substance...

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Celebrity Hairstyle Steal

Dita Von Teese's Classic Roll

Inspired by the 1940s, this sassy hairdo is easy to achieve with plenty of time to prepare and the right hair styling products.

Hairstyle Step #1: Apply...

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Hairstyles Gallery: Pictures from the American Idol Top 12 Party, 2007

Simon Cowell

This is a very simple hairstyle for Simon. A great way to tame thick unruly straight hair is to cut it into a flat top, as Simon has...

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Online Hairstyle Makeovers for Frustrated "Sex and the City" Stars

Eyes closed and mouth open. That's how I looked because I was horrified and sad. It all came over me when, glued to my TV, I first saw Sarah, Kim, Cynthia and Kristin at the premiere of their movie Sex...

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Sex and the City: Your Hair ain't Pretty (Part One)

I was so excited. I couldn't wait to see their glamorous outfits and I expected the world from their hairdos. And out they came: draped in designer gowns matched with designer shoes, but disappointing with hot roller hair. I'm sorry;...

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Hairstyles Gallery: Pictures from the Teen Choice Awards, 2008

The Teen Choice Awards 2008 is the best place to see the latest celebrity hairstyles. Check out our Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens pictures, as well as Kim Kardashian pics and more. We explain the

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MTV Awards (Video Music Awards 2008) and Celebrity Hairstyles, Part One

This year I'm doing a two-part feature. Here, in part one, I'm going to look at 10 nominees' hairstyles from before the MTV awards. I want to work out who needs to improve their look for the big event (Miley:...

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Hairstyles Gallery: Pictures from the Oscars, 2008

"Check this out." That's what Cameron Diaz probably said to herself when she was doing her obligatory rear end pose on the red-carpet at the Oscars this year. But, as captivating as Cameron's rear end is, there were other...

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Celebrity Hairstyles Review for April 2007

Sofia Milos

Roy's Opinion

Sofia has used her natural curls to their fullest advantage for a sensational look. The open ringlets look much better than the "stretched out" version she has been seen...

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Celebrity Hairstyles Review for March 2007

Christina Aguilera

Roy's Opinion

This is a very sexy and sensual look for Christina. She really has grown up with her image in the last 12 months. The curls are soft, while the...

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Celebrity Hairstyles Review for February 2007

Rachel McAdams

Roy's Opinion

This shoulder length solid design with soft graduated layers throughout is a perfect cut and fit for Rachel's diamond shape face. It adds volume through the sides, where it's...

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Celebrity Hairstyles Review for January 2007

Teri Hatcher

Roy's Opinion

I think that curls are softer looking on Teri than straight hair. This style is a perfect one for her and adds body and bounce throughout, literally bringing her...

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