A great makeup look is an easy look to achieve once you have the basics of makeup sorted, but it's also very easy for very simple makeup mistakes to ruin that look. Ensure you always look great by learning what to do to avoid some of the most common makeup errors.

Makeup Mistake: Obvious Lip Liner

Model with obvious lip liner Problem: the outline of your lips is too defined and obvious.

Solution: avoid this finish by picking a lip liner that matches your lipstick or closely resembles your true, natural lip tone. When applying the lip liner, use light strokes and concentrate on filling in the color and shading and shaping your lips, not just tracing around them.

Makeup Mistake: Clumpy Eyelashes

Model with mascara onProblem: instead of clearly defined lashes, you've got mascara clogged distractions.

Solution: a gluggy mascara finish can be avoided by applying your mascara correctly. The ideal way to do this is to remove the excess formula from the wand gently with a clean tissue and then slowly brush the wand from root to tip. Do one eye, then the other and then repeat. Two coats should be enough. It's also a good idea to pick the right formula. For example, if you have thin lashes, steer clear of thickening mascara which will just weigh your lashes down.

Makeup Mistake: Tell-tale Blush

Model with lots of blush Problem: your soft pink cheeks look a little too obvious and overdone.

Solution: lay a great base by ensuring your skin is clean, well moisturized and has a light layering of foundation. Next, use a good quality, clean blush brush to gently work the color onto your cheeks. Use circular motions and blend, blend, blend.

Makeup Mistake: Eye Shadow Overdose

Model with lots of eyeshadowProblem: you were a little heavy-handed with your application, or the color turned out darker than expected.

Solution: use a dab of moisturizer to dilute the color until it's a more appropriate tone and then add a light lashing of a neutral eye shadow over the top.