Tisha Campbell Hairstyles in 2018

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Medium Straight Casual - Light Red

Styling Time: 20 minutes
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Added: 05 Sep 2016
Face Shape Suitability: round,oval,heart,diamond
Description: This bob is blow-straightened perfectly to smooth down the top while turning the ends slightly under for a fabulous finish. The grown out bangs are worn down across the eyes to frame the sides of the face and complete the overall look brilliantly. Regular trims are needed to maintain this hairstyle. Tisha Campbell-Martin looks flawless here in a chic and timeless bob. This cut is ideal for showing off her expressive facial features, especially her eyes and mouth. The grown out bangs provides her face with a nice frame while the rest of her hair maintains a smooth, sculpted shape that dusts her shoulders. The blunt ends give her locks a healthy looking appearance and keeps her hair looking thick. This ‘do has lots of movement to it and works with both casual and formal attire. Tisha looks fabulous here in a sleek, chic bob that has a gorgeous golden color combo going on. Her roots are a brunette tone that matches her eyebrows while the lengths and ends are done in a vibrant light red-gold tone. This is a natural looking color for Tisha that works well with her complexion and eye color. Tisha Campbell-Martin is an American actress and singer. She is known for her starring roles in the FOX television series Martin as Gina Waters-Payne and as Janet "Jay" Marie Johnson-Kyle on the ABC television sitcom My Wife and Kids.

Short Straight Formal - Dark Brunette (Mocha)

Styling Time: 10 minutes
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Added: 17 May 2012
Face Shape Suitability: round,oval,heart,triangular
Description: The back and sides of this formal short 'do are tapered into the head to maintain a neat and tidy edge, blending into the top jagged cut layers that are worn flat to contour the head for a fantastic finish. This is a great style to compliment a round face.

Long Wavy Formal - Dark Brunette

Styling Time: 30+ minutes
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Added: 01 Sep 2011
Face Shape Suitability: oval,oblong,diamond
Description: This beautiful hairstyle is dressed in lovely waves through the sides and back adding width and shape best suited to compliment a long face shape. The bangs are blow-waved smooth to frame the top of the face and completes the over all style magnificently.

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