Emilia Clarke Hairstyles in 2018

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Short Straight Casual - Light Blonde (Platinum)

Styling Time: 10 minutes
Added: 05 Mar 2018
Face Shape Suitability: oval,heart,diamond,triangular
Description: The back and and sides of Emilia Clarke's platinum blonde 'do are tapered into the head blending into the top layers that are cut to be either worn flat or with texture and height. She has a high forehead so a long, side-swept fringe is ideal for her. This versatile 'do is easy to maintain with regular trims every 4-6 weeks.

Medium Straight Casual - Dark Brunette

Styling Time: 20 minutes
1 View
Added: 04 Apr 2016
Face Shape Suitability: round,oval,oblong,square,heart,diamond
Description: This soft bob has added body and movement, thanks to the natural texture and subtle curls at the ends. This is a very easy style to achieve and can be worn in front of or behind the ears, and is an ideal style for ladies with thin or fine hair. Emilia Clarke looks lovely here in a casual bob that is perfect for both day and evening occasions. This laidback ‘do is easily created in Emilia’s medium fine hair that has an overall straight texture with some wave to it in the ends. Her natural texture does its thing while the side swept grown out fringe creates a sexy look. Emilia has a heart face shape with high cheekbones that is ideal for short hair. This simple and classic ‘do brings out her best features and is an easy to style option for this busy actress. Emilia is a brunette and loves to wear light, warm shades of honey brown as well as golden blonde tones. Here she has both going on, with a lrich golden brown base and subtle sun-kissed highlights throughout the ends. This gives her hair a healthy, thick appearance with a multidimensional color that brings out her eye color and dewy complexion. Emilia Clarke is an English actress. She is known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series Game of Thrones, for which she received two Emmy Award nominations.

Medium Straight Casual - Medium Brunette

Styling Time: 20 minutes
Added: 31 Jan 2016
Face Shape Suitability: round,oval,heart,triangular
Description: This medium length bob is blow-waved perfectly to achieve a sweet and simple hairstyle best suited for those with fine to medium hair wanting a style that is easy to manage with regular trims every 4-6 weeks. Only a small amount of product is needed to tame fly-away hair. The bob is all the rage this season, and Emilia Clarke is rocking this trend with fantastic results. Her simple bob is classy and sophisticated, plus it works well with her fine hair type and heart shaped face. Emilia’s strong cheekbones and chin area are highlighted with this hairstyle. The softly layered ends give her ‘do a smooth and sculpted shape that frames her face nicely, while the long grown out fringe softens up her silhouette. Having a high forehead, Emilia has chosen the right part—a deep side part works well for this feature while center parts should be avoided. Emilia has a medium-fair complexion with cool undertones. This means she is best suited to red-based hair colors. Here, she has a chestnut brown base with cinnamon brown highlights throughout the ends. These tones warm up her complexion and bring out her blue eyes. Emilia Clarke is an English actress. She is best known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series Game of Thrones.

Long Straight Formal - Dark Brunette (Mocha)

Styling Time: 30 minutes
1 View
Added: 31 Jan 2013
Face Shape Suitability: round,oval,heart,triangular
Description: These mocha brown locks are blow-waved beautifully and worn over the shoulder to achieve a sexy look and feel. This formal 'do is great for any special day or night occasion and is easy to create at home with the right tools and products. Regular trims is needed every 4-6 weeks to maintain a healthy look and feel.

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