Johnny Depp hairstylesJohnny Depp was the highlight of the original A Nightmare on Elm Street and it was great watching it again recently. He's got such an awesome college boy hairstyle and he looks so neat and tidy and all-American. If you check out clips on YouTube it seems everyone loved- and still loves- his cute hairstyle: it's all puffy and full and clean-cut. It makes his gruesome death all the more shocking and, let's be honest, enjoyable.

There's a new A Nightmare on Elm Street remake trailer out because the new version is set to hit cinemas in April 2010. Check out the trailer below. Johnny Depp's come a long way since 1984. He's been voted one of the sexiest men alive and his bad hair has proven time and time again that cool hairstyles depend on who's wearing them. There's a bunch of fresh actors set to star in the flick and we'll be keeping an eye on them (and their hairstyles!) closer to the release date. To be honest though I'm just not sure the new flick will be the same without Mr. Depp.

What do you think? If nothing else the new A Nightmare on Elm Street remake trailer looks pretty scary!