Michelle Pfeiffer hairstylesIt seems that in the next Batman film the infamous Catwoman may make another appearance. Rumors, of course, are flying because with Catwoman historically being such a sexy, sexy woman the million dollar question (quite literally) is who will play the new Catwoman?

The main contenders for the role are reported to be Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie and possibly Charlize Theron- because of her resemblance to the sexiest Catwoman of all, Michelle Pfeiffer. Michelle was definitely hot stuff in the role back in 1992. Even though she reminisces about the psychological “complication” of Selina/Catwoman you would have to have been blind to miss the sheer hotness of her character.


Can Michelle's performance be topped? I think if any celebrity hottie can rise to the job it's Charlize. That's not just because of her slight resemblance to Michelle, but because she is glamorous and sexy in her own right. Take the hairstyle below as an example:

Charlize Theron hairstylesLong layered hair through the top and side sections give her look an elegance and sophistication, but it's undeniably sexy too. Mature, sexy, strong and glamorous: Charlize demonstrates all of these things, making her perfectly suited to be molded into an even hotter Catwoman than Michelle Pfeiffer.

What do you think? Can Michelle Pfeiffer be topped?