Paris Hilton hairstylesWhen you’re a celebrity, you’ve got the money and the opportunity to spend it on whatever you want. Designer clothes, hotted-up cars, the best hairstylists in the world and dogs.

That’s right. Dogs.

Apparently you’re just not a celebrity unless you’re toting a pampered pooch– preferably a tiny Chihuahua– around like a handbag. Just ask Paris Hilton, who at last count had 17 dogs to run amok with her beloved Tinkerbell and to mix and match with her outfits, photo ops and interviews. And she’s not the only celebrity to splash her cash on her dogs.

Mariah Carey reportedly wanted to fly her dog, Jack, first class, but when that wasn’t allowed she chauffeured him across country to be with her. Nicole Richie used to give her dog, Honey Child, the same colored hair extensions that she wore. Britney Spears went out and got her Chihuahua, Bit Bit, a $180 steak. And Julia Roberts regularly sends her dog, Diego, to a pet spa– in a limo!

While it might sound pretty glamorous being a celebrity dog, surely constantly being dressed up in little outfits, squished into designer bags and paraded around in front of the paparazzi would get a little tiresome, right? Ok, so it probably wouldn’t. And neither would being fed food from high-end restaurants, receiving real diamonds (even if it is on a dog collar) and being ferried from country to country on a private jet.

But if it ever did get tiresome I’m sure Tinkerbell, Jack, Honey Child and Bit Bit could hitch a ride in Diego’s limo and spend some quality time getting tummy rubs at the day spa.

I know I’d sure like to.