Celebrities- we love to hate them. When they look amazing, we fawn over them. But when they get one little thing wrong, we rip them to pieces...which is what is going to happen in this article. Ok, we’re not going to rip them to pieces, but we do need to ask the question, “What WERE they thinking?!”

They have access to the best hair stylists, makeup artists and clothing stylists; so really, there’s no excuse. Whether it’s poor hair, bad makeup or an awful dress sense, celebs mess up just like the rest of us. Let’s check out who has recently failed on the red carpet and avoid the same mistakes in our not so glamorous lives!


Stana Katic hairstyle

Stana Katic usually looks flawless. And by flawless we mean perfect. She’s got the hair and the face to pull off just about any look, but this boxy hairdo isn’t one of them. Stana has a square face, which needs softening to make it appear more balanced. Unfortunately, this hairstyle just intensifies the squareness of her face and makes it look really wide. The high volume ‘do is fantastic but it is more suited to someone with an oval, heart or diamond shape instead. Squares need to be careful about how much volume they pump into their hairdo for this very reason—they can quickly become blocky. Sleek and sexy is usually a better way to go.


Amy Poehler hairstyle

Amy Poehler is usually flaunting a funky ‘do, but this one looks more drowned rat than red carpet-ready. The sections of her hair have been taken too thin, resulting in scraggly little ringlets rather than bouncy, beautiful waves. She would have benefitted from separating the curls out and adding some volume in the roots. Her bangs are also somewhere in between straight and wavy and don’t blend in with the rest of her hair. Finally, the length is not good for her strong jawline. If you also have a strong jaw, wear your hair past the chin; usually, shoulder-length or longer is the rule of thumb.


Carly Rae Jepsen hairstyle

Carly Rae Jepsen has great hair and a great face. She looks fantastic in a ravishing red shade of hair, a normal departure from her raven-hued locks, but this night of the living dead makeup is just not working. Note to everyone with auburn hair: do not wear red or pink-toned makeup that matches your exact shade of hair color. It will make you look washed out/sick/like a zombie. Carly also went for a nude lipstick which completely washes her face out and makes her look like a vampire. A nice look for Halloween…no so much for the red carpet!


Sondra Currie hairstyle

And finally, Sondra Currie has used bright carrot orange eye shadow and eyebrow pencil to match her hair color. Avoid this at all costs if you are a redhead as well—it’s ok to stick to a soft light brown eyebrow pencil for a more natural look, and redheads look great in pink tones when it comes to their makeup.

These were just a few recent red carpet fails. If we missed any, let us know!