Teri Hatcher hairstylesAs a by-product of working for a website that’s all about hair, I have this habit of paying extra attention to hair whenever I’m watching TV. Whether it’s commercials, movies or TV shows, I always notice the hairstyle of an actor before paying attention to the plot or what they’re wearing (although with some of garbage that’s on TV these days, the hair really is the most interesting thing going on) and one thing that always strikes me about TV hair is how perfect it all is.

Take the ladies from the ABC's program Desperate Housewives for example. They don’t seem to have any problems maintaining perfect hair while still doing their housework, running businesses, being good mothers, wives and friends.

Marcia Cross hairstylesI’m also a mother and a (non-desperate) housewife and I work and I have friends, but my curls look more frizz-ball than Susan’s (Teri Hatcher) long curly hairstyle, and I don’t have time to pull off one of Bree’s (Marcia Cross) I’m-just-cooking-in-the-kitchen-but-my-hair-looks-perfect-anyway ponytails.

Is it fair? No! But does that mean I want to see the Desperate Housewives with desperate hair? Hell no!

Even though their hairstyles are just too perfect for me to achieve, it doesn’t stop me from admiring them, wanting them and even attempting to wear the hair styles myself (well, at least a poor non-professional version of the hairstyle).

TV hair might be too perfect but there’s no denying that it can have a big influence on hairstyles and hair trends. After all, if it didn’t then Jennifer Aniston would be known more for her acting than for “The Rachel”. Who is your perfect hairstyle role model? Let us know by leaving a comment below.