If you've read any hair trend reports this year, you'll know that mermaid waves and highly polished Carrie Underwood style hair is on its way out. Instead, loose, barely there boho waves are all the rage this year. In the past, random, messy bedhead style waves were in style and they seem to be making a come back. There are two ways in which you can get these waves, firstly, you can put away the curling wands and instead, let your hair dry overnight in loose braids for best results. Or if you have naturally wavy hair, let them do their own thing without trying to perfect or polish them in anyway. The more natural-looking, the better. If you do not have waves in your natural hair texture, we will give you a few steps that you can do so that you can get the perfect boho wave look.

Lindsay Sloane Medium Straight Chocolate Brunette Boho Waves with Side Swept Bangs

What Face Shapes Do Boho Waves Suite?

Boho waves can suite most face shapes. The trick on ensuring that the style suits your face shape the most will depend on where you place your part.

A deep side part with long, tousled waves look best on heart-shape as well as round-shape face shapes. This is because the side part will help even out the face shape as well a makes your face look thinner.

A center part with waves that have a lot of volume work best with an oval-shape or square-shape face shape. This is because the center part frames the face evenly on both sides giving you a symmetrical face shape.

Vanessa Hudgens Medium Straight Dark Mocha Brunette Boho Waves

What Is The Big Secret When It Comes To Styling Boho Waves?

The biggest secret to Boho waves is texture. Throw away the ideas of a sleek and silky hairstyle as Boho waves are tousled and messy. The beautiful bohemian life and hairstyles and textures is where you are going to draw your inspiration from for this look.

How to get the Boho waves?

You are going to need:

  • Hair dryer
  • Medium-size round brush
  • Curling iron

Step one:

Prep your hair for styling. Wash it with a Shampoo that is designed for your hair texture. Then rinse. Apply the conditioner from mid-shaft to the ends, combing through from root to tips. Leave 2-3 minutes for the formulation to help moisturize and add texture to your hair, then rinse well.

Step two:

With damp hair, we're ready to begin styling. Blot away any excess water from your hair. Then, you are going to want to apply a product that will give you the waves and curls that you get at the sea. You can find products at your local store that will say for ocean effect/texture.

Step three:

Flip your hair over (head down) and roughly blow-dry your hair on high heat, combing through with your fingers. Now take the round brush and fully dry your hair, without making a parting.

A quick Tip: A ceramic or metal brush will help your hair to hold the volume from the dryer better.

Step four:

Section your hair and, holding the curling wand vertically, wrap each section round the barrel. Make sure that you're wrapping away from your face.

Here is a quick Tip: As you curl each section round the barrel, flick your wrist. This makes the waves look more natural.

Step five:

Once you've finished the last section, rake your fingers through the curls (don't use a brush). Finish with a light mist of hairspray to lock in those waves for the rest of the day.

Now that we know which face shapes this look will suite as well as how to achieve the look without having natural waves in your hair, let's check out some of the celebs wearing barely there boho waves for some style inspiration.

Michaela Conlin Long Wavy Chocolate Brunette Boho Waves

Michaela Conlin got this trend right with her soft wavy 'do here. Michaela's hair is naturally straight, but she has added some style to her 'do by using a large curling iron to curl just the mid-lengths of the hair. If you want to copy this look, only wrap the hair section around the barrel 1- 1.5 times for best results. Try alternating sections of hair as well- one section curled, one section straight- and then use some styling waves to shake it all up. This will give you awesome looking boho waves.

Julia Roberts Long Wavy Dark Copper Blonde Boho Waves with Light Blonde Highlights

Julia Roberts has nailed this look here, in her blonde barely there waves. Julia's blunt hairstyle has been blow-dried with maximum volume, and then loose waves were added by drying sections of hair wrapped around a round brush to create soft body throughout. This effect can also be created by using a curling wand on a low heat setting, just to get a hint of a wave rather than a full-on spiral or corkscrew. To get that cool beachy finish, try using a salt spray or some styling wax to add some texture and hold.

Zendaya Coleman Medium Wavy Dark Brunette Boho Waves with Blunt Cut Bangs

Zendaya Coleman shows us how to work this trend with short hair and bangs. Her wavy hair has been heavily layered to reduce excess bulk and body, leaving a cool shag 'do that has soft waves throughout. Her long fringe creates a nice peek a boo effect around her eyes and it also flatters her heart shaped face. To style this 'do, Zendaya just needs to blow-dry it using her fingers to shake it up, and then use a light styling wax to finish.

Megan Park Long Wavy Dark Blonde Boho Waves with Blunt Cut Bangs

Megan Park looks super cool here in here long blonde barely there waves and peek a boo fringe. She's nailed the waves by letting her natural hair texture shine through, showing an imperfect mix of straight and wavy sections. If you have very wavy hair and want to get this look, try using a flat iron on a low heat setting to flatten out random sections. Or, let your hair dry while wrapped in a bun or a twist for limper waves. Add in extra body if needed by backcombing the hair at the roots or on the mid-lengths throughout.

Ashley Tisdale Long Wavy Blonde Boho Waves

Ashley Tisdale is showing us a more formal Boho wave look which we are loving! This style is easy to do at home. The nice thing about this style is that it is parted down the middle which means that it is framing her face evenly on both sides. It opens up her face and gives off a welcoming and warm vibe.

The downside to this look is that glasses will not suit this look due to the fact that the waves fall around her eye area. You do not have to worry about flyaway hairs during your formal event as they will just add to the carefree feel of the look.

When it comes to your makeup application with this look, you want to go with a more formal makeup application. You can do a gorgeous smokey eye with natural-looking false lashes to make your eyes pop more. Ashley went with a pastel color lipstick, you can do this or you can go with a color that is going to stand out more. Finish off the look with highlighter and contouring to help give the illusion of a perfect oval face shape and you are ready to rock your event!

Sara Paxton Long Wavy Blonde Boho Waves

Sara Paxton is showing us how awesome loose waves can look on a medium-length haircut. This style is perfect for younger women who wants to show the world that they are laid back, love the beach and want to show off their natural hair texture. It is an easy style for you to do in the morning and there is mot much maintenance that is required. You are going to need to cut your hair once every 4 weeks or so to ensure that your ends stay healthy and that the highlights stick better to your hair if you are going to do the color as well.

The nice thing about this look is that you can wash your hair, braid it and leave the braids in over night. The next morning, release the braids, shake out your hair and you have beach-like hair literally over night.

When it comes to your makeup application with this hairstyle, you want to go with a natural makeup application. Use your golds and browns on your eye area. Sara went with a pastel pink color lipstick, you can do this or you can go with a color that is going to stand out more. Finish off the look with highlighter and contouring to help give the illusion of a perfect oval face shape and you are ready to take on the world with your new look!

Sara Foster Long Wavy Light Golden Blonde Boho Waves

Sara Foster is rocking these loose waves that are dressed through the sides and back of these blonde locks to give the over-all style subtle movement and bounce. This casual style is easy to re-create at home with the right tools and needs a little product to tame fly-away hair. Regular trims is needed to prevent split ends. The longer layers around the face softens up her jaw line area and gives her hair some much needed movement.

This style is ideal for someone who has a strong jawline as the layers as well as casual waves help to soften the jawline as well as opens up her face area at the same time.

When it comes to your makeup application with this look, you want to go with a more natural-looking makeup application. You can use browns and golds on your eyes which will look lovely with this hairstyle. Sara went with a nude color lipstick, you can do this or you can go with a more pastel looking color such as a baby pink or just gloss. Finish off the look with highlighter and contouring to help give the illusion of a perfect oval face shape and you are ready to show the world your new look.

Abigail Spencer Medium Wavy Boho Waves

Abigail Spencer looks amazing with her carefree Boho waved hairstyle. The ends and long layers of this medium length 'do are jagged cut to achieve a low-fuss textured look and feel. The top is parted down the middle making this casual style perfect to frame a round face. Product is needed to add gloss and regular trims will help prevent split ends.

Due to the bangs and the way in which the hair falls across her eye area, glasses will not suit this look. When it comes to your makeup application with this look, you want to go with a more natural-looking makeup application. Abigail went with a pink color lipstick, you can do this or you can go with a color that is a pastel shade or nude. Finish off the look with highlighter and contouring to help give the illusion of a perfect oval face shape.

Katherine McNamara Long Wavy Blonde Boho Waves with Side Swept Bangs


This year, it's all about relaxed hair regardless of your style. For women with wavy and straight hair, this means a lot less styling time, which is always a good thing. Make the most of what you got and you will be bang on trend this year.

Boho waves are going to become your new favorite type of hairstyle that you are going to create at home. Let your hairstylist know what hairstyle you want to create so that they can cut your hair accordingly. The trick to the perfect Boho wave hairstyle is not only the products that you use but also how you cut your hair as well. You do not want to have an amazing hairstyle with your ends looking dead and unhealthy.

Now you can create the perfect Boho wave hairstyle at home! With the times that we are living in at the moment, a simple, time saving and yet exciting new hairstyle is a must! To find out how you will look with one of the styles in this article, simply upload an image of yourself onto our site. Then, our virtual hairstylist will show you what you will look like with the style that you have chosen. If you do not like any of the images above, do not worry! We have hundreds of styles for you to choose from.

Boho waves are simple to style and are in fashion at the moment. Enjoy your new carefree, trendy hairstyle!