If you're the type of girl who likes to wear hairstyles that are out of the ordinary, then we have a round up of the latest punky hairstyles for you to peruse. These styles can work on a variety of face shapes and when it comes to color—the funkier the better! And contrary to popular belief, these styles aren't only for teens and young adults. With the right color and personal customization, anyone can wear these hairstyles, as long as they have a cool fashion sense about them and strong self-confidence. Now, let's check out the coolest punky hairstyles that we have seen lately.

Kelly Osbourne hairstyles

Kelly Osbourne has finally mastered the shade of her purple hair (which has looked lacklustre as of late) and is rocking a vibrant violet tone that looks amazing with her peaches and cream complexion. The haircut is also cool, with shaved sides and longer layers on the top and back to create a faux-hawk look. Kelly has styled her hair with maximum volume by adding backcombing to the roots for lift and continuing on towards the back of the head. This funky hairstyle is best suited for round, oval, heart, and triangular face shapes and will work with any hair texture.

Mary J. Blige hairstyles

Mary J. Blige looks hot in this funky wavy do that is shorter on one side. This hairstyle is perfect for women with curly or wavy hair but can be achieved by using a curling wand or iron for those who have straight hair. The key to this hairstyle is having one side cut close to the head and tucked behind the ear, while the other side allows the curls/waves to tumble down. Mary J. has added extra volume by backcombing the roots and scrunching her waves to create a messy chic look. This hairstyle will look best on oval, oblong, square, and diamond shaped faces.

Caroline D Amore hairstyles

If you like that grunge look, then check out Caroline D Amore's peroxide blonde bob. The key to this rocker look is to let your natural roots show through (the darker the better!) and bleach the rest of the hair to the lightest white shade that it can go. Warning- this will damage your hair, so only attempt this if you have short hair and are ok with the added breakage that may occur. To style, create a messy part just off center and work some styling wax through the ends to get this piecey look. This hairstyle is best suited to women with oval, oblong, square, and diamond shaped faces.

Betty Who hairstyles

Finally, Betty Who shows us how to rock a modern faux-hawk style with shaved sides and voluminous layers on top. The platinum blonde shade looks fabulous with this funky 'do, and the softness of the layers on top make this an alternative hairstyle that many women could pull off. In particular, women with round, oval, heart, and triangular face shapes will do best with this edgy style.

These were just a few of the newest alternative hairstyles that we've seen, check back soon for more!