I have it on good authority that the next big thing in hairstyles, short hairstyles anyhow, is the straight across short black bowl hairstyle worn by Irina Lazareanu (Canadian born model and gal pal of Kate Moss). Fashionising.com mentioned this hairstyle in their blog “"Short Black; A Spring 2010 Hairstyle” and I think they might be onto something. Check out a version of Irina's hairstyle below.

Irina Lazareanu hairstyles

Irina's short hairstyle is the evolutionary product of the crop, as made popular again in the last couple of years by Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham, and the bob- a hairstyle that never went out of fashion but has had a massive rebirth in the recent year. The crop and the bob have been hugely influential and it seems like they've gotten together and created Irina's bowl cut.

If you'd like to do more than simply name drop to your pals that you've heard of Irina, then consider getting a haircut like this. Its round shape means it would suit squarer faces, and the effect of the bangs and the way they halve the length of the face also make it good for oblong and diamond shaped faces. If you want to go black then bear in mind that black hair color's good for most complexions but tends to accentuate imperfections in the skin, and if you're not naturally black then reversing black hair color is very difficult.

What do you think of Irina's hair? Fashionising.com say that it's “perfectly placed for what may transpire to be both a conservative and revivalist season as the fashion industry works to pull itself out of the economic black hole sinking many companies.” Do you agree? Do you think this hairstyle will take off?