Reese Witherspoon hairstylesReese Witherspoon is a bit of a hair icon I think. The reason is this: not only does she consistently look great, but she sets new standards with her hairstyles (or, she wears a fashionable hairstyle so well she makes it totally her own). Want proof? Check out her vintage retro hairstyle featured here.

If you want a hairstyle like this one, then here's 5 steps you might want to try (providing of course you've got medium length hair that's medium texture too):

1. Wash hair, towel dry and apply a little mousse before creating a side-part.

2. Using a medium or large radial brush blow-dry your bangs straight up and away from the part (aim the blow-dryer at your roots).

3. When bangs are dry divide hair into sections blow-drying the back and sides with the radial brush curling the ends under.

4. Wrap hair vertically around a large curling iron or large hot rollers and, starting with the bangs, complete the same process for entire mane.

5. To finish separate curls with fingers, piece the ends with a little wax and mist with lacquer.

Vintage retro hair is a popular hairstyle that will be around for a while so follow these steps and follow in Reese's footsteps too.