Here, not so much. Her makeup is nice, but her hair is a disaster. Let's take a look at what went wrong:

Kourtney Kardashian hairstylesKourtney's hair color is actually pretty good in this photo-her espresso locks have nice, subtle highlights throughout the ends and overall her hair is in great condition. Kourtney has a long, angular face shape, so the layers and slight waves are a nice way to soften up her features. The problem here is the limpness and lack of volume, which for anyone else could be forgiven. But, seeing as the Kardashians make their fortunes from looking flawless in front of the camera, this look is a fail!

To start, the strange cowlick on both sides of the hair part is distracting and looks messy. Her hair then sits limply and falls into flat waves at the bottom. Kourtney's hair would have looked much more stylish in a sleek, straight style that would suit the lack of volume. Or, a tight high ponytail, like the one her sister is often seen wearing.

Ok, so it's not a major hair fail but there could be improvements. If you are having a limp hair day like Kourtney, try wearing it back or create a super straight style to hide its lack of body.

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