Holly Madison is defined by her ex-playboy bunny status, her voluptuous figure and of course, that platinum blonde hair. While yes, it suits her cute and bubbly personality, we can’t help but think that maybe it’s time for Holly to change it up a bit. The extreme white-blonde color is difficult for most women to pull off after a certain age, and Holly is fast approaching that territory- when blonde goes from sexy looking to trashy looking. Plus, it’s not making the most of her attributes, which all good hair colors should do.

Holly Madison hairstylesTo start with, Holly has lovely warm peachy-toned skin, but the platinum blonde only serves to wash out her natural radiance. A deeper, warmer shade would do wonders for her complexion and make her glow.

Next, Holly has a very rare eye color. Her penetrating amber eyes would look amazing with a rich, dark hair color. Just look at Julia Roberts, who has the same eye color. Julia also looks best when sporting a dark red-brown hair color, and appears washed out in blonde.

Finally, the white blonde that Holly is wearing tends to look very matte. While she takes good care of her hair, darkening up her color would  instantly add gloss and shine to her mane. We think a deep auburn or chocolate brown would look amazing on Holly. What are your thoughts—is it time for her colorist to stage an intervention?

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