Jami Gertz hairstylesYou might remember Jami Gertz from 1980s smash hit movies like The Lost Boys and Less Than Zero. Most recently she starred in Keeping Up with the Steins, but that kind of slipped under the radar. But Jami’s presence in Less than Zero certainly didn’t go unnoticed for me and millions of others. She was the mysterious, confused and sexy keystone in a love triangle with Robert Downey Jr. and Andrew McCarthy.

After Less Than Zero Jami shot to fame with a speed paralleled by her friends’ drug-induced downfall in the movie. She was the "it girl" and she’s got the famous 80s ex-boyfriends to prove it- Corey Feldman, Kiefer Sutherland and even Chuck Norris. But now the fame’s all gone. As is the case with so many other celebrities, once the spotlight’s gone she disappeared from our consciousness without so much as a whiff (proving also that celebs only have the most superficial impact in the first place).

After a bit of searching I resurrected Jami. And you know what? Despite her lack of "cred" in the celebrity scene, she looks great. Check out her lovely layered waves and marvel at how well this cut suits her thick hair. And you’ve got to also acknowledge how flattering her hairstyle is for her face shape, particularly the way the layers through the bottom half complement her slightly narrow jaw. My only tiny criticism is her regrowth... but heck, everything else looks fab.

Anyhow, Jami looks great- as good today as she did in 1987 when I first met her. So she’s not as famous anymore, and maybe the aura about her is gone. But that’s what happens in Hollywood. Apparently there’s a sequel to Less than Zero in the pipeline... perhaps we’ll see Jami on the silver screen again sometime soon.

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