Ponytails are a great way to disguise a bad hair day in a matter of minutes, but sometimes they can look, well, boring. Eva Longoria’s ponytail on the other hand is anything but. Her ponytail is casual and chic, and a must-know style for every woman who needs a quick way to look fresh and youthful.

Eva Longoria hairstylesThis ponytail will work best for long hair, but medium hair lengths will work too. First, backcomb your roots at the crown of the head, and then smooth the hair from the hairline backs towards where your ponytail will sit.

Then, pull the rest of the hair back into a tight ponytail, making sure the sides and back are taut against the head. Finally, secure your entire ponytail near the top of the back of the head (the middle looks more ‘sporty’). For extra glam power, take a small section of hair from the bottom of the ponytail, wrap it around the elastic and secure it with a hair pin.

You don’t need Eva’s stunning looks or gorgeous thick hair to pull this style off, but one thing is for sure—you do need a lot of hairspray!

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