Cynthia Nixon is not the first actress to shave off their hair for their art. Celebs like Natalie Portman, Mena Suvari and Demi Moore have all dared to go bare for movie or stage roles. Britney Spears also famously shaved her head…although it was during a nervous breakdown. Whatever the circumstances, it must take a lot of guts and confidence to take the plunge. For Cynthia, it has paid off. Her portrayal of a cancer patient in the play Wit has earned her a Tony nomination.

Cynthia Nixon hairstylesHere, Cynthia is doing a great job at glamming up her super short haircut on the red carpet. It has grown in a bit, during her stint on the stage she was completely bald, and now looks like a super stylish pixie haircut. Cynthia knows that cropped hair puts all the emphasis on the face, and has played up her light blue eyes with smokey eye shadow to make the most of her features. She also chose a glossy pink lipstick and gorgeous gold earrings to complete the look. After so many years sporting her “Miranda” bob, this drastic haircut definitely creates a new persona both on and off screen for the actress.

This short hairstyle actually suits Cynthia quite well…do you think she will keep this super short style?

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