Ashley Tisdale likes to swing between blonde and brown hair often, so she must really love change- and conditioning treatments! If you have ever tried to go from brunette to blonde or vice-versa, you know how taxing it can be on your hair. Split ends, dryness and breakage are the nasty side effects of trying out new colors, so it's best to choose the color that suits you and stick with it. In Ashley's case, it's hard to decide which color is better. Have a look below and decide if she's better as a blonde or brunette.

Ashley Tisdale hairstylesHere, Ashley is looking exotic in long mocha locks. Brown hair brings out her dark eyes, and matches that dark shade of tan that she likes to sport.


Ashley Tisdale hairstylesOn the other hand, Ashley looks demure in light blonde hair that brings that focus to her flawless skin and great bone structure. She can also play with different makeup looks such as this vintage Hollywood inspired makeup.


Ashley Tisdale hairstylesHowever, hair that is too blonde can wash her skin tone right out. Ashley has warm skin, so a cool blonde shade does nothing for her. She should stick to gold tones like in the photo above.


Ashley Tisdale hairstylesOr, maybe Ashley looks best in the middle of the two with light auburn hair! This warm shade of red-brown looks fantastic with her skin and matches her eye color perfectly.


Which color gets your vote for Ashley-blonde, brown or auburn?

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