This is one trend that is hot in Hollywood right now with a host of celebs flaunting the vibrant purple-pink shade on their lips. Fuchsia is a cool shade-meaning that it suits women with pink undertones in their skin. In fact, it's the ideal shade for ladies with natural copper hair and freckled complexions. However, warm-skinned ladies can pull it off just as well- as long as they have the right tone.

Thandie Newton hairstyles

Thandie Newton is the perfect example of how someone should wear fuchsia lipstick if they have tanned skin or golden undertones. This medium fuchsia shade is the perfect vibrancy for Thandie's skin tone-it's not too light or too dark, and it has just the right amount of purple punch to it, without clashing with her skin tone. The key to finding the shade that matches your warm skin tone best is the darker your skin tone, the deeper your shade of fuchsia should be. To cool off the rest of her makeup, Thandie has paired her lippie up with a berry blush and cool charcoal eye shadow. This is a super cool look for all the warm-skinned ladies out there!

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