Although we love the funky braided hairdo, Sarah Gadon is experiencing a major makeup fail in this photo. Sarah used to train as a ballet dancer, which explains why this makeup is more recital than red carpet. Her Cannes appearance looked OK at some angles, but really, a good makeup artist should be able to create a look that is captured flawlessly on all cameras. In any case, let’s take a look at what went wrong with Sarah’s makeup.

Sarah Gadon hairstylesSarah is rocking a very warm golden blonde hair color, yet her makeup artist chose apricot eye shadow. While the warmth of both shades is harmonious, it would have been a better choice to go with an eye shadow color that was a little more neutral. Even worse, the apricot shade has been swept under the eye as well, which more often than not results in tired or sick looking eyes.

Next, we have a dark peach blush used below the cheekbones. This plays up Sarah’s fabulous bone structure beautifully, however too much has been applied with too little blending, making it the most prominent thing on her face.

Finally, we have a nice deep berry-stained lip. This is the perfect shade for her skin and eye color, and would have looked beautiful with a neutral eye. Unfortunately, we get a color clash as the cool berry and warm peachy apricot shades fight for center stage.

Better luck next time Sarah!