Her fiery red locks and unique looks make her an unforgettable lady. Reba is aging with style, and uses makeup to look more youthful and balance out her features—most noticeably her small, close-set eyes. Having this eye type can present its challenges when it comes to makeup, but Reba McEntire shows us how to work glamorous makeup while making them look wider–set.

Reba McEntire hairstylesIn addition to having small and close set eyes, Reba has a very unique shape to her eyes where they are at their widest near the outer corner, rather than the center. To balance this out, she uses smoky dark eye shadow along the upper lash line and the lower middle to outer lash line area. She then smokes it all out to create an almond shape that extends out and up towards the temples. Ladies with close-set eyes will benefit from using these techniques, focusing on drawing the outer corners of the eye outwards. Another trick that Reba uses is a lighter shadow on the inner corner of the eye. Blend it up towards the brow bone for best results.