Close-set eyes need special attention when it comes to makeup, but have no fear, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to make your eyes seem larger and wider-set. Here are a few techniques that you can use at home to see instant results:

Yeardley Smith hairstyles1. Lighten up! Here, Yeardley Smith has used thick black eyeliner and black mascara to bring out her twinkling blue eyes. While this would work for most people, it actually makes her close-set eyes appear smaller. Try using brown mascara only, or if you insist on eyeliner use a lighter shade like cinnamon brown. You can also use colors to match your iris like blue or green if you have lighter eyes.


Jennifer Aniston hairstyles2. Don’t do the raccoon look. Here, Jennifer Aniston has completely lined her eyes in black, which is not recommended if you have close-set eyes. Instead, try a thin liquid line on the top lash only that is slightly extended to make the eyes appear larger and wide-set.


Minnie Driver hairstyles3. Smoke out the corners. Here, Minnie Driver shows us how to extend the eye shape by using smoky eye shadow on the outer corners of the eye. She has also added a light eye shadow on the inner corners of the eyelid, which is a superb technique for women with close-set eyes!