So why is her makeup so horrible here? There are many factors at play—bad color choices, trends that are too young for her and bad application techniques. While yes, someone younger could get away with this look without a hitch, Zoe is over forty and simply cannot rock the trends that her young, hip clients can. If you are over forty, don’t try to hang with the “in” crowd by trying to look younger, instead work with what you’ve got and embrace your age rather than try to turn back time. Here are some makeup don’ts, as seen on Rachel Zoe:

Rachel Zoe hairstyles• Dark berry shades will make your lips look smaller and thinner, especially as you age. Of course, you can still flaunt this shade—just remember to use a glossy or cream formula rather than a matte one like Rachel is wearing.
• Fully-lined eyes is a look best left to teens and young adults. Here, Rachel has made this look even worse by using an inky black liquid eyeliner instead of a soft pencil- yikes! If you want to go for a dramatic eye, try a softer brown or grey shade in a pencil formula, then blend, blend, blend for best results.

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