Rachel G. Fox was caught looking less than fabulous recently, which is a shame because at 15 years old, she should naturally glow in every photo. Rachel is a stunning and talented girl, don’t get us wrong, but her makeup has her looking older and harsher than her years. Young ladies everywhere—take note of Rachel’s makeup don’ts and save yourself from a similar disaster. Let’s take a look at what went wrong:

Rachel G Fox hairstylesRachel is a natural blonde, so her darker locks may be the reason for the makeup overload. With ladies of any age, going from blonde to brown does not mean having to wear more makeup, it simply means modifying your color choices. Rachel has used cool black eyeliner to rim her entire eye, which gives her a hard look. She would have been better off choosing a rich brown eyeliner to enhance her blue eyes while matching her warm brown hair. Limiting eyeliner to the top lash line also makes the eyes look bigger and fresher which is more suitable for her age.

The next problem is her foundation and cheek color. Going to a deeper hair color may mean that you need to warm up your natural skin tone. In Rachel’s case, she has a pink undertone that looks chalky with her foundation and added pink blush. She would have fared better with a foundation that had slightly warm undertones, and a peach blush or bronzer instead.

The makeup disaster was hopefully a one-off. Better luck next time Ms. Fox!