In any case, when it comes to her appearance Paula sticks with her trademark cinnamon brown highlighted locks which suits her caramel skin and deep brown eyes. Her makeup always looks flawless, but let’s face it, it doesn’t change much from day to day, or outfit to outfit. Here is Paula Abdul beauty formula, decoded:


Paula Abdul hairstylesTaken a few years ago, Paula is flaunting a shorter layered hairstyle and soft makeup to match. Dark brown eyeliner, a pearlescent mocha eye shadow and beige-pink lipstick suits Paula’s warm skin and hair color.


Paula Abdul hairstylesHere, Paula goes for a sexy dark hair color and adds eyeliner to the bottom lashline and a hint of bronzer to her cheeks for a seductive look. The mocha eye shadow is still there, as is the beige-pink lipstick.


Paula Abdul hairstylesPaula tries a bouncy hairstyle here, but the makeup remains the same. Still, Paula is looking radiant and youthful.


Paula Abdul hairstylesMore recently, Paula has lightened and lengthened her hair which looks fabulous on her. The makeup has remained virtually the same except for a lighter pink shade of lip gloss, which really gives Paula a youthful, dewy glow.


Paula Abdul hairstylesFinally, Paula has come full circle with her hair color going back to her trademark cinnamon shade. And her makeup? Dark brown-rimmed eyes? Check. Pearlescent mocha eye shadow? Check. Beige-pink lipstick? Check.


What’s your decision on Paula Abdul’s makeup? Is she playing it safe?