Olivia Wilde hairstylesThe usually raven-haired Olivia Wilde has lightened up her locks recently, but her mesmerizing eyes are still the main focus of her look. Sporting an ultra-trendy, modern take on the smokey eye, Olivia channels a futuristic, sci-fi look and uses shimmery silvers to bring out her light blue eyes. This is a fabulous makeup technique to try for your next night out, so if you have a cool skin tone like Olivia, give it a go!

To start, you will need a kick-ass palette of silver eye shadows that contain shades ranging from light silver to deep charcoal. Stay away from matte eye shadows in this case and opt for shimmery, light-reflecting formulas. Cream shadows won’t work here either so stick with the traditional powder palettes.

Olivia Wilde hairstylesNext, start layering the shadows using the lightest shade on the eyelid, crease and brow bone, then build up depth with the darker colors in the crease and the outer corner of the lid. Use a thin brush to layer silver on the lower lash line as well, keeping it light on the inner corner of the eye and darker on the outer corner.

Finally, use pencil eyeliner to line the entire eye on the top and bottom. Finish it off with black mascara and voila—you have Olivia Wilde-style smokey eye makeup!