Aquarius women are the intellects of the zodiac, but that doesn’t mean that they can only rock serious-looking makeup. In fact, this is one sign that can pull off bright and bold looks with ease. Aquarius is the sign of technology and forward-thinking, so women of this sign are the first ones to try new makeup products and makeup trends. Here are some celebrity Aquarius’s that sport some covetable makeup styles.

Brandy hairstylesBrandy works mocha metallics and creates a dramatic smoky eye with plenty of sheen. Her warm skin tone works well with these shades, and her nude shiny lip makes sure that her beautiful eyes are the center of attention.


Christina Ricci hairstylesChristina Ricci looks super hot in dark black rimmed eyes and smoky silver eye shadow. She has lined the entire eye including the corners for a real cat’s eye effect (which looks fab with her blunt fringe we must say!) A peachy cheek and nude lip complete this stunning look.


Mischa Barton hairstylesMischa Barton goes for a Sixties-inspired retro look with heavy black liquid eyeliner that wings out at the edges. A light silver eye shadow gives her eyes extra sheen and really makes them pop! The rest of her face is completely bare—a daring and stylish look from Ms. Barton!