Besides not having a professional makeup artist at your disposal, your eye shape greatly affects how makeup looks on you. Knowing how to apply makeup to your specific eye shape will allow you to tailor any celebrity makeup look to your face. This particular blog is for ladies with round eyes only! If you are unsure if this applies to you, take a look in the mirror.

Bella Heathcote hairstyles

Shape: Round eyes are- you guessed it- circular in shape, and are often deep-set with lots of top lid showing (see Bella Heathcote).

Makeup Goal: To elongate the eye into a more 'almond' shape.

Technique: Round eyes need more 'light' than other shapes to make them pop. Start with a shimmery neutral tone (like pearl or beige) on the eyelid, blending it up just past the crease. Use a medium shade in the crease and extend it outwards and upwards at the outer corner towards the end of the eyebrow. Then, draw it back down to the corner of the eye to make an extended triangle shape. Use a highlighter just underneath the eyebrow arch and blend it towards the outer eyebrow. When it comes to eyeliner, a retro feline flick is the perfect way to elongate and make the eyes look more almond-shaped (see Christina Ricci).

Christina Ricci hairstyles

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