They look great áu naturel (see Uma Thurman) as their eyes really don't need help to stand out. On the flip side, women with this eye type can find that they are too overpowering with makeup on, and end up with a 'bugged out' look. If you have prominent eyes, then this blog is for you!

Uma Thurman hairstyles

Shape: Prominent eyes have well-defined, usually heavy, lids and a receding brow bone. The bottom lid is also prominent.

Makeup Goal: To make the eyes look more deep-set.

Technique: Apply a matte medium neutral base eye shadow shade (like brown or grey) to the eyelid. Then layer a darker matte shade on top of the lid starting from the lash line and working your way up past the crease. Using a small circular motion, blend the outer edges to create a soft finish. Repeat this for the bottom lash line using a thin applicator brush so you end up with subtle shading. Although, if you want to go for a more dramatic Gothic look like Mary Kate Olsen, go for it! Prominent eye shapes can forgo liner for a softer look, but if you want to define your eyes further, make sure your line is ultra-fine. Top it off with mascara.

Mary Kate Olsen hairstyles

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