With her raven-black locks, super-arched eyebrows and eccentric outfits, Jessie J turns heads wherever she goes. However, she can do classy and demure looks just as well as edgy ones. When Jessie wants to go glam, she uses jewel-toned makeup to add that extra touch of sophistication.

Jessie J hairstylesIn this photo, she coordinates her makeup with her gorgeous ruby dress. Jessie chooses a ruby red lipstick as the main focus of her look and compliments it with a soft bronze eye shadow. With such a bold lip, a sheer bronze eye shadow is the secret ingredient to making the eyes pop without looking overly garish.


Jessie J hairstylesHere, Jessie is wearing a slightly brighter lipstick but uses jewel-toned eye shadow to match her sheer dress and golden jewelry. To highlight her green eyes she has used shades of gold and muted emerald with inky black eyeliner.


If you like the look of Jessie J's makeup in these photos, try a deep jewel tone shade for your next evening look. Blue and brown eyes look amazing in deep sapphire shades, while green and amber eyes sparkle in gold and citrine shades. If you don't want to wear deep colors on your eyes, just choose a deep ruby or garnet-hued lippie instead!