If you love Snooki’s over the top personality, you too can be just as bold (in the looks department anyway) by copying her attention-grabbing hair and makeup style. This pint-sized reality TV star may be short, but her heavy makeup and huge hair create a big impression. If you want to do your hair and makeup in the style of Snooki, here’s how:

Snooki hairstyles1. The Hair
The longer and bigger, the better it is in Snooki’s books! Get out the hair extensions, weaves and hairpieces to create a waist-length mane like Snooki. Whether she wears her hair sleek and straight or big and bouncy, Snooki always goes for maximum volume at the crown. Get out the comb and start teasing for the full effect.

2. The Makeup
Snooki loves to make her dark eyes pop, so create a bold smokey eye with lots of fake lashes. But don’t stop there—you still need to do your cheeks and lips! In this photo, Snooki is wearing a bronze blush, but she also goes for rosy red on occasion too. Her lips are usually in a chalky beige shade, but here she is going for a glossy red lip instead.

3. The Tan
No self-respecting Snooki fan would try to copy her look without a deep, dark tan so get out the tanning cream and bronzer to keep up that Jersey glow!