Mad Men actress Darby Stanchfield was papped in very unflattering makeup recently. Although this 41-year-old actress looks fabulous for her age, her unfortunate makeup has created a disastrous look. Let's see what went wrong, and how you can avoid this fail.

The Eyebrows

Darby Stanchfield hairstylesDarby has gorgeous deep red hair, however her eyebrows have turned out an unfortunate shade of ruddy orange. If you are a redhead, don't be afraid to go for a soft brown eyebrow pencil instead-it will blend in with your natural eyebrows better than an orange one.

The Cheeks

Darby is using a ruddy rouge that is not the right color for her face, plus it hasn't been blended well. Do not try to match the intensity of your hair color to your cheeks-keep them light and dewy instead.

The Lips

Dark red lips are everywhere now, and redheads are able to rock this trend too. However, because of their rich hair color, the rest of the face should be kept neutral or almost bare if a bold lipstick is the main feature.

Overall, her face has too much color going on paired with bad application techniques-avoid this look at all costs!