Cindy Crawford looks amazing, being a supermodel and all. Natural beauty aside, she does know how to wear just the right amount of makeup for her age. Although any woman can wear her makeup style, women over 40 will especially benefit from these tips:

Cindy Crawford hairstyles1. No eyeliner on the lower lash line. While it may be tempting to line the entire eye, it can add the years on as well as make the eyes look smaller. Cindy only uses a minimal amount of liner on the top eye, which brings more light to the area.

2. Neutral shades only. You will rarely catch Cindy in bright red lipstick or bold eye shadow. Instead, she sticks to soft neutral shades of brown and beige to match her brunette hair and dark eyes.

Cindy Crawford hairstyles3. Highlighter. Crawford has great skin, but she makes it even better with a little help from her highlighter. Used on the apples of her cheeks and just underneath the brow bone, highlighter can take the years off in an instant.

4. Lipstick with sheen. There is nothing worse than matte lipstick on mature skin! On the other end of the spectrum, gloss is just as bad. Settle for a sheer lipstick with a slight sheen to keep those lips looking youthful, especially if they are on the thin side.