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Asymmetrical hairstyles are haircuts that aren't even, or symmetrical. They are a bit alternative, but not so much that they're just for punks or emos. While a traditional hairstyle may look nice, an asymmetrical hairstyle is innovative and chic, and will make you stand out from the crowd. It could be just the bangs that, rather than cut evenly straight across, are at an angle or unbalanced. Or maybe you saw a bob with one side longer and more angled than the other. From bobs to pixies, and from short to long hair, there are various asymmetrical haircuts that would suit you, no matter what age or hair texture you may have, and a professional hairstylist will be able to add a bit of cool asymmetry to your hair. When getting an asymmetrical haircut you'll need to consider that it can be little limiting because you can only wear your hair in the original asymmetrical design. To keep this haircut looking fresh you'll need regular trims, so if you want a low maintenance style then it's best to avoid an asymmetrical haircut.

Check out these Asymmetrical hairstyles from celebrities and salons around the world and try them on to see if they suit you."

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