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How do I find non celebrity/salon hairstyles?

To find the non celebrity hairstyles, or to see our entire range of salon hairstyles, please follow these instructions:

The Hairstyles Box In The Virtual Hairstyler:

1. Go to the Virtual Hairstyler.

Virtual hairstyler menu link

2. Click on the Hairstyles tab in the hairstyles strip at the top of the Virtual Hairstyler.

Hairstyles tab

3. Go to the Hairstyles box on the left hand side of the Virtual Hairstyler and select your choices using the Styles, Length and Elasticity drop down menus.

Hairstyles box

4. Untick the Include Celebrities box and then press Search.

Include celebrities option

The hairstyles will then load in the Hairstyles Strip at the top of the Virtual Hairstyler for you to view and try with your photo/the virtual model.

For a step-by-step guide to searching for styles in our Virtual Hairstyler, click here to take a look at the video tour of our Virtual Hairstyler!

The Hairstyles Search:

1. Go to the Hairstyles menu along the top of any page.

Hairstyles menu link

2. Choose the Hairstyle Search option provided.

Search hairstyles option

3. Select any or all hairstyle categories in step 1 by ticking the check boxes provided.

Search hairstyles option 1

4. Select your gender.

Select gender option

5. Select any or all hairstyle attributes in step 2 by ticking the check boxes provided.

Hairstyles search option 2

6. Tick the Salon box in step 3.

Salon hairstyles search option

7. Click the Find Hairstyles button.

Find hairstyles search button

8. To view any of the hairstyles on your photo or our model, click on the Try On icon provided with each hairstyle.

Try on icon


If your question or problem is not listed here then please feel free to contact us at: with your registered email address or username so that we can assist you.

We also recommend taking a look at our guided tour. Click here to view the step-by-step video!


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