Side faq

How do I choose/change a hair color?

To choose or change a hair color please follow these easy instructions:

1. Go to the Virtual Hairstyler and load your photo or the model with a hairstyle/the hairstyle you want to change the color of.

Virtual hairstyler link

2. Click on the Haircolor tab on the left hand side of the Virtual Hairstyler.

Hair color icon

3. Choose a hair color category by ticking one of the category options (Natural, Ash, Blonde, Gold, Brown, Copper, Violet, Red).

Hair color categories

4. Choose a hair color by clicking on the colored squares that load when a category is chosen. The color will automatically apply to your hairstyle.

Hair color squares

5. To clear the hair color please click on the Org Color button provided.

Use original button

  • Please note that when a hair color option is selected it will become your default hair color option and will be applied to all hairstyles until changed or cleared.

For a step-by-step guide to choosing/changing your hair color, click here to take a look at the video tour of our Virtual Hairstyler!


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We also recommend taking a look at our guided tour. Click here to view the step-by-step video!