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I cannot see the hairstyles. What do I do?

To view the hairstyles please try the following:

  1. Make sure your browser is enabled to accept cookies and sessions. This is a default setting in your browser.
  2. Try deleting the cookies from your computer and clearing your browser's cache. This will make sure your browser is loading the latest page available.
  3. Use one of these browsers: Mozilla Firefox 3+, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6+, Chrome or Safari.
  4. Ensure your firewall is not preventing you from loading the hairstyles. If it is then you will need to configure your firewall so it will accept cookies and flash/ActiveX downloads from our website address. Please click on your firewall and enable the firewall to allow permission or follow instructions from your firewall's manual.

If you still cannot see the hairstyles on the site after following these steps then please contact our friendly customer service department via email with your username, the version of flash you are using and the type of browser you are using.


If your question or problem is not listed here then please feel free to contact us at: with your registered email address or username so that we can assist you.

We also recommend taking a look at our guided tour. Click here to view the step-by-step video!


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