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Charlie Puth Short Straight Light Blonde Hairstyle with Asymmetrical Bangs

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Added: 30 Jul 2018
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Charlie Puth looks amazing on a good day but this hairstyle definitely takes him to another level! Blonde is not always an easy color to pull off. However, this hairstyle does the color justice. The sides of this cut is tapered into the head whilst the top is jagged cut into layers that falls naturally to contour the face. It really is amazing how this cut contours the face perfectly and opens up the face more. The front is swept across the forehead which frames the face even more around the eye area and completes the over-all style brilliantly. You are going to need about 10 minutes to style this hairstyle in the morning but the ladies are going to love it! A small amount of product daily will keep your hair looking shiny and in place. Due to the side sweep of the hairstyle, glasses is not ideal for this look but you can style your fringe in such a way that it can be kept a little more out of your face so that you can wear your glasses.

Even though blonde suits this look, you can color your hair in different shades depending on your skin tone. Most face shapes will suit this look as the contouring will create the ideal face shape which is oval. We all want to live the life of a pop sensation and with this hairstyle, you will have the look of a pop star!

Hairstyle Type


Haircut Technique

Clipper Cut


Face Shape
Hair Density
Hair Texture
Under 21, 21 - 30, and 31 - 40
Forehead Height


10 minutes

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Styling Steps

1. Apply Mousse

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Apply styling mousse to damp hair, using your palm as a measuring guide, and evenly distribute it along the hair shaft. Styling mousse will add hold and can help achieve better results.

2. Part to the Right

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Using the corner of your comb and standing in front of a mirror find the middle of your right eye and then drag the comb straight up slowly until you reach your hairline and then continue back in a straight manner to achieve an even right part. A side part is great for longer face shapes because it creates the illusion of width.

3. Dry Hair Messy with Blow-dryer and Fingers

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Using your blow-dryer, tilt your head forward and dry your hair using your fingers until your hair is completely dry. Remember, the messier, the better.

4. Pinch Hair for Texture Using Wax

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To finish the look, apply wax to your fingertips, making sure to smooth the wax over all of your fingers, then simply pinch the wax onto the ends of your hair, applying as much or as little as needed.

5. Style Bangs Forward Using Wax

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Apply a small amount of wax to your fingertips, and then using your fingers, rake through your bangs pinching the ends as you go to create a feathered, textured effect.

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